Buy electrical components without borders

New sales channels across Europe with one integration

Sell electrical components without borders

  • New customers & markets Expand to new markets with Ampwise's tailored sales, legal, logistical, and administrative support.
  • Increased volumes & margins Boost your sales volumes and reach the next discount tier with higher profitability.
  • Liquidated inventory Maximize the value of your inventory and reach a wider buyer network.

You get the price you ask.
No additional platform fees.

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How to get started?

  • Submit your listing Send us you products with prices. Ampwise will upload your products.
  • Receive the orders Today Ampwise platform has 600+ buyers across Europe. Ampwise team works daily to onboard new buyers.
  • Receive the payment and ship products You will receive payment from Ampwise. Ampwise will deal with the customer.

Power up your projects

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Buy electrical components without borders

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